Our main product product portfolio focuses on Datacentre Infrastructure products from a number of leading technology brands.

We are vendor agnostic, meaning we help you choose the right product for you and your client. We also have a GDPR range – helping you and your clients stay on top of being compliant.


3M Privacy Products help protect confidential information from visual hackers

Help keep login credentials, payroll information and other sensitive data private with 3M™ Privacy Products. Innovative technology from 3M prevents visual hackers from stealing sideways glances at your screen, while providing a crisp, clear view for intended users. Featuring ingenious microlouver technology “blacks out” side views, crisp, clean image clarity
when directly in front of the screen and available for most devices, brands and screen sizes.


Certainty in a Connected World

The popularity of smart devices and the rising adoption of IoT has made data a must have for all industries. This reality brings new opportunities, but also comes with a risk: As businesses come to rely more on data, how can they be certain it will be there when they need it?

As this collective reliance on data grows, a superior, intelligent, and dynamic system must be put in place to keep it secure, and make it available wherever and whenever customers require it.

As the industry leader in integrated physical infrastructure and software, APC™ by Schneider Electric™ provides reliable and innovative solutions that help keep the power on, and the data flowing. That’s Certainty in a Connected World.

Austin Hughes

Manufacturing a broad range of solutions based around 19 inch rack mount technology

Austin Hughes experts produce the highest quality rack mount power distribution and power monitoring solutions that help manage data center power capacity, reduce downtime and energy costs and improve energy efficiency. To lower energy consumption, make more informed capacity planning decisions and improve operational efficiency the InfraPower locally metered, remotely monitored and switched rack PDUs are designed for use across the network, either locally via SNMP or over IP.

All Austin Hughes Solutions are configured and supported from their UK facility and are offered on short lead times into mainland Europe, Middle East and Africa.


We’ll help you Connect to More

Whatever your networking needs, D-Link will always provide the latest high-quality technologies and services at affordable prices.

D-Link is laying the foundations for a world that’s more connected, smarter, and more convenient. Our Wi-Fi routers, IP cameras, smart home devices and other products let consumers enjoy richer online experiences and greater peace of mind in the comfort of their homes.


Eaton solutions provide clean, uninterrupted power to keep mission-critical applications working

For more than 50 years, Eaton has been safeguarding the critical systems of businesses across the globe. Whether protecting a single desktop or the largest datacentre. Offering a comprehensive range of environmentally-sensitive, efficient, reliable UPSs,
surge protective devices, power distribution units, remote monitoring, meters, software, connectivity, enclosures, airflow management and professional services to every business segment, including datacentres, retail outlets, healthcare  organisations, government agencies, manufacturing firms, broadcasting companies, financial institutions, and a wide
range of other applications.


Delivering market leading innovations in portable data storage and digital encryption technology

By combining the power of strong, easy to use authentication and hardware data encryption, we provide the highest level of protection available against theft or loss of confidential data.


Reliability is the cornerstone of our product strategy

Data protection is a baseline requirement for businesses, governments, and individuals in today’s world. Data breaches, hacking and the human element are continuous reminders of threats and risks worldwide. The costs associated with a data breach and the unfortunate exposures can be astronomical. Requirements of advanced cybersecurity and Endpoint DLP strategies for data protection all rely on dependable and efficient storage and memory. The use of encryption, fast storage and memory combined with best practices, standards, and policies is a big step. Lost laptops and USB drives leave individuals and companies alike vulnerable to exposing personal and private information. Kingston® offers threat prevention solutions to help mitigate risks while complementing an existing or developing security plan.


Network resilience at the branch office and remote sites

Opengear provides enterprise companies with next generation smart solutions for managing and protecting their critical IT and communications infrastructure.

Providing customers with the security, the automation and the resilience necessary to operate efficiently, reduce costs and ensure business continuity.

Opengear have raised secure remote access and infrastructure management to a new level with their Smart OOB™ out-of-band management and Failover to Cellular™ technologies.

Their smart solutions are deployed in central and remote site environments worldwide, alongside critical IT, communications, network and power infrastructure. They provide remote troubleshooting and remediation to minimise disruption and deliver always-on resilient connectivity.


Business Critical Continuity to keep businesses going strong

Vertiv’s broad technology offering and expertise support a full spectrum of enterprise-wide solutions for today’s vital business needs.

IT Managers of Data Centres and Enterprises are today facing increasing challenges; higher density of IT infrastructures, multiple suppliers for multiple critical equipment – power, cooling, racks, cabling and energy efficiency issues.

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