Reduce the risk of Fire

Our aim is to help businesses reduce the risk of fire by offering fire safety services, solutions and training so in the event of fire, the damage and danger can be kept to a minimum.

Fireguard Solutions & Services encompasses your businesses fire safety requirements, providing you and your staff peace of mind that in the event of fire, there is minimal damage and danger

Fireguard is a division of Memory Bank, an Irish based Distributor for power management brands including Eaton, Vertiv and Opengear, operating in the UK & Irish markets for over 18 years.

We identified the growth in Lithium-Ion technology both in IT and Electrical Vehicles (EV) and the fire hazards and fire management issues that these present and decided to set up Fireguard business division focused solely on fire management with particular expertise on EV.

With over 140 years combined firefighting experience the Fireguard team have first-hand fire management experience.

We supply training, support and fire extinguisher kits across multiple sectors including Underground Car Parks, Ferry Charging Points, Filling Stations and Industrial Warehouses

Areas we can help

Did you know, after a fire:

• 25% of businesses never re-open
• 80% of companies who don’t recover in a month are likely to go out of business
• 75% of businesses without Business Continuity plans fail within 3 years.

Have you considered what you would do in order to prepare for an emergency that may disrupt your business. If you don’t, a fire or other emergency could result in:

• Loss of reputation and/or loss of customers
• Financial, legal and regulatory penalties
• Human resource issues
• Increased insurance premiums
• Or at worst the complete failure of your business!

Fire Safety is crucial to any business.

That’s why Fireguard Services & Solutions offers bespoke fire safety products, servicing and training across multiple sectors. We offer customised solutions to meet specific requirements and needs including training for you and your staff

Our Products

  • Safety showers, eye-washers, and first-aid equipment
  • Fire-proof equipment e.g., filing cabinets
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Automatic Fire Suppression System’s
  • Lithium Battery Storage Units – built to your suit your risks

Training Courses

  • Manual Handling
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Marshal
  • Working at Heights
  • Abrasive Wheels
  • Forklift Truck Fire Safety

Lithium-ion Battery Risks in the Workplace

  • Transport + Correct Storage of Lithium-ion batteries
  • The Fire Risks + Prevention
  • Laptops, battery tools, machinery, UPS, forklifts
  • How to move and deal with damaged batteries
  • Correct location of EV Charging points
  • Lithium-ion battery hazards – employees & public
  • Lithium-ion battery storage & transport and charging detail

Did you know...a Lithium-ion battery fire can reach up to 1600 degrees Celsius?

Fire Isolator

We have recently won sole distribution rights to Fire Isolator, the leading EV fire suppressant product.

When Lithium-ion batteries burn, they cannot be extinguished easily, at least not with water. The only way to really kill the lithium battery fire is to submerge the car under water for a week to cool down. At their peak temperature, they can reach 1600 degrees Celsius.

The Fire Isolator blanket is designed to cover the burning vehicle as it can withstand and control the high temperatures to minimise collateral damage and danger.

We ran a live demonstration of the Fire Isolator in March 2022 in front of an audience of ferry owners, firefighting teams, safety service companies and local authorities.

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FIRE⚡️ISOLATOR is a concept for isolating and fighting Electric Vehicle fires. The use of a high temperature resistant car Fire Blanket (up to 1600 degrees C°, tested according to ISO EN 13501-1) in order to isolate and control the fire and prevent collateral damage.

The use of a water mist lance to spray a water mist over the blanket in order to reduce toxic fumes and smoke and to keep the car cooled.

The use of aerosol units, which interrupts the chemical chain reactions occurring in the flames and suppresses the fire resulting in further temperature reduction.

The FIRE⚡️ISOLATOR blanket is available in other sizes for smaller equipment such as Electric Bikes, Electric Scooters, Laptops and phones.

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FireIsolator Product Brochure

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FireIsolator Concept


Electrical Vehicle Fire Research Report

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Watch The Video


Fire Isolator Demonstration Report

Latest Videos & News

How to deploy the Fire Isolator concept

Check out this simple how-to guide created by T-ISS - the brains behind the⚡FIREISOLATOR⚡blanket

In this short animated video, you will learn:

⚡How to safely approach a burning EV
⚡How to cover with the blanket to minimise damage
⚡How to make the blanket as gastight as possible
⚡How to deploy the aerosol units
⚡How to monitor the temperature of the fire

Live Demonstration of Controlling an Electrical Vehicle Fire

It is now recognised that there are serious fire risks associated with EV's (electric vehicles) and the locations where they are charging. We have exclusive distribution in Ireland for the FireIsolator fire blanket & accessories.

Live testing Fire Isolator concept

Seeing the Fire⚡️Isolator concept for fighting (EV) car fires in action and seeing how it minimizes the collateral damage of EV car fires on ferries or in car parks, was the goal of the live testing day on November 18, 2021.

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