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Dec 03, 2019




After carrying out a Public Spaces Survey, 3M™ found that 3 out of 4 mobile workers said they were somewhat or very concerned about visual hacking.

Did you know you can keep on-screen data private across all your devices with 3M™ Privacy Filters for mobile, laptop and tablet? Request a sample to see the technology in action.

Why Privacy?

Issue – Visual Privacy

Visual Privacy is an issue of sensitive information being accessed visually via screens creating a privacy risk.

Threat – Visual Hacking

Visual Hacking – the act of viewing or capturing sensitive, confidential and private information for unauthorized use)

Visual Hacking is an under realized and under-addressed threat requiring action.

Solution – 3M™ Privacy Products

3M Privacy Products – 3M offers a wide range of privacy solutions to help protect information displayed on screens from visual hackers

3M Privacy Products are a solution that can help mitigate the threat of visual hacking and address the issue of visual privacy

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