I’ve got the power

Dec 03, 2019




The Vertiv™ Geist™ rPDUs are designed to provide reliable, intelligent power distribution to your critical equipment today, and in the future.

Keep on Rocking. Vertiv.com/rPDU-RockOn

Vertiv™ Geist™ Rack PDU
The broadest range of rPDU options available provides value beyond power distribution.
Every unit is 100% tested for reliability and functionality prior to shipment to ensure the rPDU functions as designed once installed.
Future-proof design allows users to easily update intelligence to adapt to latest technologies or changing business needs.
State of the art intelligence provides the industry’s most advanced remote power monitoring and outlet level control capabilities.


Secure power cords and avoid accidental disconnections

IP Aggregation
Daisy-chain up to 50 devices on a single IP address

Alternating Outlets

Simplify circuit/ phase balancing and cable management

Environmental Monitoring

Proactively monitor environmental conditions

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