New Magnetic Attachment Option for 3M Privacy Filters Makes Securing Monitors Easy

Oct 10, 2022





COMPLY Magnetic Attach for Monitors from 3M allows workers to seamlessly switch between private and collaborative viewing experiences

Companies can protect their sensitive and confidential data on their monitor displays, especially as more employees return to the office, with the new COMPLY Magnetic Attach for Monitors from 3M. The attachment system allows office workers to easily install a 3M Privacy Filter to their full screen (frameless) monitor to protect their work, remove it for collaboration with co-workers and then reattach when done. This is particularly important in highly regulated vertical industries with sensitive data, like legal, healthcare, government, finance and consulting.

The COMPLY Magnetic Attach for Monitors from 3M eliminates the need for messy, unreliable adhesives and bulky mounts when using privacy filters. Instead, magnetic quick-click brackets allow employees to seamlessly attach the privacy filter by clicking it into place at the top of the monitor. To remove it, users simply hold the brackets and lift. The proprietary modern design provides a sleek aesthetic look and virtually eliminates fingerprints by reducing the need to directly touch the privacy filter.

“The majority of business professionals have been working in the privacy of their homes during the pandemic and likely haven’t given much thought to the threat of visual hacking,” said David Owen, 3M Global Portfolio Manager. “As they return to the office – and some to modified open workspace environments – the new attachment system can help protect confidential data on their display without causing frustration for the user. Workers can go from protecting their information to collaborating, and back again, with a quick click and IT managers can rest assured knowing that their company’s data is protected.”

The attachment system’s brackets were designed using a transparent material to ensure an unobstructed view of the screen. This technology also minimizes the gap between the screen and the filter to provide a crisp, clear image without blurring or ghosting. Using rare earth magnet technology, these brackets are 100x stronger than refrigerator magnets, ensuring the privacy filter remains secured to the monitor.

The COMPLY Magnetic Attach for Monitors from 3M is currently available with the latest privacy filters from 3M for use on a range of full screen (frameless) monitor models.

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