Hardware encrypted secure data storage solutions

iStorage provide award wining, compliant solutions that are easy to use, multi-platform and ultra-secure, available in various sizes to suit any business data security needs.

Who is iStorage?

iStorage is a privately owned, family run business based in Middlesex, UK which manufactures worldwide compliant hardware encrypted data security solutions.

By combining the power of strong, easy to use, authentication and hardware data encryption, they provide the highest level of protection available against theft or loss of confidential data.

iStorage award winning products are used extensively by Government Departments, Defence Departments, educational institutions, local/central government, energy/utility companies, financial institutes as well as countless leading multi-national organisations and consumers with products that enable them to securely compute, protecting their data, whenever and wherever.

What does encryption mean?

Encryption is the conversion of electronic data into another form, called ciphertext, which cannot be easily understood by anyone except authorised parties.

Hardware or Software encryption?

There is a common belief that encrypted USB data storage devices can be cumbersome to use and limited in their functionality in comparison with non-encrypted devices. This belief is true with ‘Software’ encrypted USB flash drives, hard drives and solid state drives as they rely on software, an Operating System (OS), in most cases either Windows or Mac, and will not work on any other device.

In addition to this, software based encrypted USB devices are vulnerable to malicious attacks, such as brute force and

However, iStorage products are designed with built-in ‘Hardware’ encryption which means they are easy to use (no software required), work on any USB compatible device, but above all are ultra secure!


iStorage collected ‘Security Innovation of the Year’ award

Unique FIPS certified and PIN activated USB flash drive datAshur recognised for robust security at the 2013 BCS & Computing UK IT Industry Awards in London

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Stay one step ahead of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation with iStorage Ultra-secure USB data storage solutions



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Receive an iStorage product on a 30-day no obligation sale or return period. iStorage will arrange delivery, you will not be invoiced for the product unless you decide to keep it.

iStorage offer a Registration Programme for Resellers to ensure full pre and post sale and technical support, any additional discounts can be applied and to ensure this opportunity is protected for you.

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