Network reliability remains the critical success factor for communications service providers. Seconds of downtime can result in millions in lost revenue, spikes in customer service calls and the need for a fast diagnosis and remediation.  Having a network management solution to navigate through so many unknowns is critical for a telco’s IT staff.

Capacity demands on service providers have continued to increase in scale and scope as increasing amounts of rich content is being transferred between devices, apps and users. Both the complexity of distributed networks and traffic levels continue to increase, driven by mobility, M2M and the Internet of Things (IoT). Service providers operate some of the largest, most complex networks, servicing geographically dispersed facilities — from core to access, head-end to outside plant, wired to wireless, and up to satellites. IT and network staff must support these business-critical infrastructures remotely under any condition.

Remote Management of Business-Critical Systems

Traditional out-of-band management solutions with basic console access no longer support these critical needs. Other suppliers deliver only half a business continuity solution, lacking robust capabilities that allow for reliable remote access into devices at the edge. With Opengear, however, telecom providers can access and manage critical systems, devices and equipment remotely and securely — even when a primary connection is down — to save costs and maximize business continuity.

Opengear SmartOOB™ raises secure remote access and infrastructure management to a new level to extending beyond traditional OOBM solutions by delivering custom alerts, notifications and responses along with environmental monitoring capabilities. When coupled with Opengear embedded 4G LTE or 3G functionality, IT departments are equipped with reliable failover and cellular out-of-band solutions to safeguard their networks.



  • Highly customizable monitoring, alerts and responses through SmartOOB
  • Remote access to network equipment in datacenters, branch locations, cell towers and more
  • Embedded 4G LTE cellular for failover and alternative paths into network devices
  • Visibility into the physical environment of remote network devices
  • Ability to scale with the expansion of network infrastructure
  • Certification of major tier 1 carriers across multiple devices
  • Device agnostic for seamless integration into existing IT environments
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