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With Opengear, your Retail customers will never have to worry about their IT holding up their business and impacting their bottom line.

With Opengear, your Retail customer can deliver always-on network resilience and maximum uptime with a solution that is quick to deploy, easy to manage and can scale to hundreds (or thousands) of stores.

Today’s retailers require tremendous IT agility. Connected customer services and 24-hour business models are putting ever-increasing pressure on network infrastructures and are driving intelligence to the network edge. As a result, the need for proactive monitoring and remediation are critical to maintaining retail operations — from driving brand image through multichannel marketing and analysing buyer behaviors to optimising store operations and delivering efficient inventory management.

Network Resilience for Maximising Retail Operations

Opengear raises secure remote access, management and network resiliency to a new level, ensuring retailer networks are always open for business. Opengear’s SmartOOB™ remote access and monitoring combined with our Failover to Cellular™ backup creates an always-on network solution for retail operations.

Opengear’s SmartOOB™ minimises downtime of critical services with automated response capabilities that detect issues, improve performance and maximise efficiency. Entire network environments can be monitored at remote sites, including the physical environment. Embedded 4G LTE Failover to Cellular provides retail locations with critical Internet connectivity when the primary link is unavailable. Opengear devices easily integrate into existing installs or can be rapidly deployed for instant-on connectivity, which is especially efficient for new network turn-ups and mobile business locations like pop-up stores and kiosks.



  • PCI-DSS Compliant solutions that maintain uptime, security and network resilience
  • Fast, easy deployment for immediate connectivity at new sites
  • Intelligence at the edge to feed customer behavior back to corporate
  • Failover to 4G LTE to support POS transactions during outages
  • Reliable remote access to reduce costs for maintenance, IT staffing and travel
  • Reduced MTBF and MTTR with proactive problem identification, quick notification and prompt response to system or network connectivity issues

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