Access and manage on- and off-campus systems, devices and equipment remotely and securely, even if the network is down, to save costs and maximize business continuity.

IT and networking professionals in educational environments have unique logistical challenges in maintaining uptime with complex, geographically diverse networks. In education, every step is online — from enrollment, textbook fulfillment, coursework and examinations through to grades and transcripts upon graduation. Students and teachers depend on the network being up at all times. And they demand a secure environment that protects confidential student information, sensitive research data, and messages.

Compounding this challenge, the IT staff that supports the infrastructure are invariably remote – especially in higher ed. So network visibility is critical as downtime events can cost the organization millions — not to mention their reputation amongst students and staff.

Enhanced Service Delivery, Minimized Risk and Reduced Operating Costs

Opengear’s transparent, automatic Failover to Cellular™ and always-on SmartOOB™ access allows IT admins to keep school networks up and running by creating an always accessible path to network equipment for troubleshooting and the remediation of faults.

Traditional out-of-band solutions with basic console access only deliver half a business continuity solution. Only Opengear monitors everything — including the physical environment — proactively detecting network interruptions before they become failures. Opengear’s Failover to Cellular acts as a safeguard for network outages by automatically migrating systems to a 4G LTE connection keeping systems operating and accessible to IT staff.


  • Enable IT staff to remotely manage large, distributed school networks
  • Automatically detect and repair issues to reduce downtime of critical student and administrative systems
  • Maintain and enforce AAA policies to protect education networks and IT infrastructure from security threats
  • Ability to scale with growing networks needed to support increasing enrollment rates
  • Multi-carrier support from leading wireless carriers to provide the best connection possible
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