Maintain customer access to always-available hosted services through enhanced network management and cellular failover capabilities.

Whether it’s hosting, SaaS, Iaas or Paas, cloud services have clearly validated their presence as a viable alternative to costly on-premise solutions. As cloud services replace expensive customer hardware, it’s absolutely critical that these environments are connected and accessible to users. Downtime doesn’t only mean lost revenue for providers — it may also equate to lost revenue from paying customers, risking a tarnished reputation in crowded, competitive ecosystems.

Minimize Downtime, Maximize Customer Retention

The success of a cloud-based service can be closely tied to its reliability. When you are serving a global customer base, it’s critical that these users have access to a system that the cloud service is hosting for them. Data redundancy is vital for cloud providers — and equally important is the ability to monitor, access and maintain these redundant datacenter locations while employing connectivity redundancies.

With Opengear, cloud providers are presented with the unique combination of next-level out-of-band management throughSmartOOB™. Combined with Failover to Cellular™ delivers a truly resilient solution for distributed networks. Set automated notifications and responses based off pre-defined thresholds. Automatically failover to 4G LTE to ensure business continuity and a secondary line of access to network infrastructure. Monitor the physical environment through direct integration with smoke, heat, water and motion detection sensors – Opengear provides stand-alone devices that satisfy a wide range of network management needs.



  • Safeguard against network downtime to ensure customer access to services
  • Support global operations through secure, robust out-of-band and cellular failover
  • Significantly reduce costs of traditional out-of-band solution through efficient 4G LTE connectivity
  • Monitor the physical environment to protect against irreversible damage to network equipment
  • Manage connection redundancies to ensure an always-on network
  • Vendor agnostic solution that integrates seamlessly with existing deployments
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