“Did you have a good holiday?”

A question you may have asked your customers lately…

Did they have to login every day to manage their IT network?

All they want to do is relax, switch off and not worry about their IT affecting their business whilst they’re on holiday.

Opengear provides enterprise customers with next generation smart solutions for managing and protecting their critical IT and communications infrastructure.
Their products provide customers with the security, the automation and the resilience necessary to operate efficiently, reduce costs and ensure business continuity.

Opengear solutions fit within your existing customers:


Your retail clients need to ensure their shopfronts are up and running, so what facility do they currently have in place if the network goes down? Opengear can offer a secure back-up plan that is robust enough to handle such a scenario.

Financial Services

The importance and value of uptime within this market is imperative – utilise the Opengear Smart OOB™ and Failover to Cellular F2C™ to offer a viable solution to your customers’ requirements.


Opengear can assist in offering a solution for the logistical challenges of cross campus infrastructure combined with the requirements for dealing with an online system, bolstered with security protocols enabling a total solution.


Government Agencies can access and manage mission critical systems, devices and equipment remotely and securely, even if the network is down, to reduce costs and maximize business continuity and IT resilience. With security as a key requirement, Opengear can offer our solutions which are FIPS 10-2 accredited.

Healthcare & Pharma

Hospitals never shut down; so healthcare networks can’t afford to go down either. That’s why having highly resilient network solutions in place is critical for supporting the constant need for patient care. Access to hospital systems, records and connectivity to other healthcare professionals is vital to today’s streamlined approach to patient care.


Network reliability remains the critical success factor for communications service providers. Seconds of downtime can result in millions in lost revenue, spikes in customer service calls and the need for a fast diagnosis and remediation. Having a network management solution to navigate through so many unknowns is critical for a telco’s IT staff.

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