MB Technology is Opengear's sole UK Distributor for their full product range

Help your customers increase uptime, access, monitor and remediate failures before they happen

Opengear helps maintain compliance, uptime and security in data centres, remote site and branch offices by remotely and securely managing critical IT systems, devices and equipment.

As a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, Opengear’s Smart OOB™ was architected with Cisco management in mind.

If you are selling Cisco networking, why not give your client a wraparound solution by adding Opengear’s Out-of-Band Management Solutions.

Smart is Good. Resilient is Even Better.

The exponential growth and increased complexity of IT infrastructure drives the demand for always-on connectivity and resilience in the face of a network failure event. The ability to quickly identify and remediate connectivity issues between dispersed devices and remote infrastructure is critical.

Help your customer minimise disruption to their critical business operations as well as enabling them to remediate issues at the network edge with the combination of Opengear SmartOOB™ Management and Failover to Cellular™ for true network resilience.

Network Resilience

Opengear SmartOOB Management combined with Failover to Cellular delivers always-on out-of-band access, proactive monitoring and automated remediation to keep your business running – even during network downtime.

Network Resilience

Out-of-band management is at the heart of network resilience, and Opengear continues to focus on Smart OOB solutions that keep critical infrastructure running by developing faster access and monitoring, with more efficient management and control, and wider decision-making options. Opengear gives businesses unmatched speed and effectiveness in managing remote devices.

Datacentre Management

Opengear provides the technology needed to effectively monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot critical data center equipment from a centralized management solution, supported by power and connection redundancies.

Remote Site Management

Manage and monitor any device on the network — anytime and from anywhere.

Environmental Monitoring

The security of network equipment is only as good as the physical environment it’s deployed in. When a network closet or remote site experiences exposure to water, smoke, heat or humidity, IT admins need to know about it immediately. Delivered through SmartOOB™, IT teams are able to proactively turn systems off when dangerous thresholds are passed, avoiding irreversible damage.

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