The Opengear Lighthouse solution builds on the capabilities of Opengear’s Data Center and Remote Site Management appliances, to provide a single point of management for your entire out-of-band infrastructure.

Efficient, scalable, secure management of Opengear appliances and connected devices

By seamlessly converging all management network connections — via primary management LAN, 3G or 4G LTE failover or dial-out out-of-band — Lighthouse takes the complexity out of managing distributed network, power and IT infrastructure, to reduce MTTR and minimize the impact of faults and failure.

With Lighthouse, best-practice security is maintained even during remote network outages, with strong encryption, audit-trail logging and resilient pass-through central authentication.

Opengear with Lighthouse centralized management gives you the peace of mind that your infrastructure is operating optimally. And when it’s not, the tools to respond and fix — securely and efficiently.

Optimized for Standard, Enterprise or Virtual environments

Opengear Lighthouse is optimized for your environment, and can be supplied as a hardware appliance or virtualized server appliance. The Lighthouse VM virtualized server appliance ships ready to be implemented into your hosted or in-house VMware or Linux KVM virtualized environment. The Lighthouse Standard and Lighthouse Enterprise hardware appliance models are shipped on Dell 19” rack mounted servers.


  • Consolidated access to critical infrastructure scattered across tens or thousands of racks or remote sites
  • Seamless access to failed or firewalled remote networks, turn-key high availability
  • Reach management consoles without in-depth knowledge of network topology or operational state
  • Best-practice security made simple, all management sessions are logged, authenticated and encrypted
  • Intuitive interface built for your existing tools and workflow, use your preferred SSH client or HTTPS browser
  • Centralized dial-out capabilities for streamlined access to remote sites
Lighthouse VM Lighthouse Standard Lighthouse Enterprise
Software appliances for  Linux KVM or VMware for up to 5,000 managed appliances Hardware appliance optimized for up to 100 managed appliances Hardware appliance optimized for up to 5,000 managed appliances
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