The Trellis™ platform represents a groundbreaking DCIM innovation from Emerson Network Power – one that mitigates IT risk while at the same time increases operational  efficiency – solving your problems for today and preparing you for the future.

Whether you’re expanding, consolidating or planning IT initiatives, your data center requires constant monitoring, tracking and the ability to view real-time infrastructure metrics and data for accurate planning and decision making. The Trellis™ platform is a single application that provides the information you need, when you need it so you can accurately manage the data center and eliminate the need for multiple tools.

With real-time visualization, power tracking and mobile access in the Trellis™ platform, you can:

  • Reduce inefficiencies without disrupting existing operations
  • Defer capital expenses and increase operating margin
  • Improve SLAs with end-to-end visibility across the infrastructure
  • Reduce operational expenses without compromising availability and agility
  • Manage remote resources more effectively
  • Improve overall efficiency with more visibility into the datacentre

And now introducing the Trellis™ Platform Express Edition for simple and fast delivery of DCIM

Take the quick and easy way towards implementing a real-time, holistic DCIM solution.

The Trellis™ Platform Express Edition is a bundled offering of the leading DCIM solution for:

With pre-configuration of existing functionality Trellis™ Facility Manager Express and Trellis™ Inventory Manager Express, organizations can simplify the process of starting a DCIM project with the assurance that the most robust solution on the market will grow and scale to the datacentre requirements.

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