Solutions for Control Rooms

(Broadcast, Manufacturing, Energy/Utilities, Data Centers, Airports and Emergency Response Operations)

Ensure Control Personnel Have Access to the Required Information Systems

The Avocent® control room solutions from Emerson Network Power are designed to ensure your personnel have access to the information they need to effectively run your broadcast, manufacturing, energy/utility, data center, airport, emergency response or other operations. Avocent® products improve efficiency and provide the most efficient working environment by maximizing desk space and lowering heat and noise exposure. These solutions allow administrators to physically separate computing resources and completely manage the user experience in the control room without adversely affecting worker productivity. Deployed over your LAN, Avocent® products offer real-time, point-to-point or matrix extension, with lossless video and CD-quality audio.

Users retain support for a comprehensive range of peripherals including DVI-I video, CD audio, USB mass storage, keyboard and mouse and other USB devices. (USB vmedia can be disabled by the administrator.)

Now you can physically separate workers from computers (without them feeling like it).

Whether you need to offer greater flexibility in multiple processor access, get tighter control over your various IT components or simply answer a need to centralize all your hardware in one place, the Avocent® Control Room Solutions are ready to meet your requirements.

No Distance Limitation – Since these solutions are built on TCP/IP over the LAN, even the highest-quality video experience is not affected by distance.

Improved Access to Best Computing Power – Users with the highest computing needs can be reallocated to the latest machines thereby ensuring that they gain from the newest hardware performance in high-powered applications.

AV-Quality Maintained – CD-quality audio is transported from the computer to the users with no loss in quality. These solutions are able to extend 1920 x1200 DVI.

USB Support – These solutions allow standard USB keyboard and mouse peripherals to be extended from the computer over the network to the remote user, without the use of any computer drivers or software.

Improved Security and Virus Controls – The computers are situated remotely from the user, so the computer hardware and the data stored are more secure. Plus, these solutions make introducing virus-infected files more difficult and eliminate dependence on adherence to software policies.

Standard Infrastructure – The solutions use all the existing desktop skills in the IT group and do not need new infrastructure, as is the case with the “thin client”.

The Avocent® HMX Digital High Performance KVM switch is designed for organizations that need to provide workers the ability to seamlessly access and share one or more computing resource(s) which are physically separated from their work environment. The Avocent HMX Digital High Performance KVM switch leverages industry standard IP technology and existing network infrastructure to provide sharing and switching between resources separated by large distances.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates Distance Limitations within the LAN – Allows computers and
    users to be located anywhere on the network
  • High-Quality DVI Video and CD Audio – For intensive graphic and audio
  • Centralized Management – Via a single console, including access, desktop
    pooling and reporting
  • Centralized, User-Rights Management – HMX system allows user
    administration and authentication through AD, LDAP, TACACS+, RADIUS, RSA SecureID and NT
  • Greater Security – 128bit AES encryption for secure access
  • No Dedicated Cabling – Removes the need for dedicated cabling between
    user and computer
  • Dual, Digital DVI Video – Up to 1920×1200
  • USB Support – USB media and most other USB devices including USB keyboard/mouse as well as vUSB
  • Interoperability – Between the HMX extender system and the single- and
    dual-video, high-resolution products
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