Austin Hughes offers a comprehensive rack power management range.

  • InfraPower: Power Distribution Units (PDUs) 
  • InfraPower: Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

InfraPower Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) 

  • Basic PDUs
  • Metered (MD) PDUs
  • Intelligent (W Series) PDUs:
    • Strip Level Monitoring (W)
    • Strip Level Monitoring and Socket Switching (WS)
    • Socket Level Monitoring and Socket Switching (WSi)

InfraPower intelligent rack PDUs are designed, built and manufactured to provide extremely high levels of resilience.

Features include: 

  • Option of full custom configuration so you have the exact specification required
  • 3 Socket custom build mix in any technology (basic, metered, intelligent) e.g. C13/C19 & UK (or Schuko, etc) sockets in one PDU
  • Touch screen display on intelligent (W Series) PDUs. Not only is data displayed locally on the PDU or External Door Mount Display on the outside of the rack but it is also available remotely including current (AMP), voltage (Volt), power (KW), energy consumption (KWh), and power factor of the entire PDU.
  • The use of latch-able relays at the socket or receptacle level, that will always supply AC power or are always on in the event of component failure, are standard features within InfraPower WS & WSi PDUs
  • Vertical PDUs can be mounted taking up zero ‘U’ within the rack to ensure valuable hardware space is not occupied
  • PDU mounting kits are quick, tool-less and suitable for global branded cabinets saving engineers time and in turn company’s further installation costs
  • Master and slave network topology significantly reduces network data ports and IP addresses required
  • Free web client based management software to manage 50 master IP dongles or 800 PDU’s
  • Global variations (voltage, input, socket types, etc.) for clients various geographic location/office easily accommodated
  • Different coloured PDUs provide a simple way to visualise power sources
  • Single or Three Phase

InfraPower PDUs can be integrated with InfraSolutionX networked smart card access control for added cabinet security and InfraGuard for full cabinet environmental monitoring and management.

InfraPower Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

Power Redundancy for Single Corded Devices

Metered (MD) ATS

Some network devices and entry-level servers are not designed with power redundancy. For single corded equipment Austin Hughes InfraPower ATS is perfectly fit to provide dual power sources (primary and secondary). If the primary source becomes unavailable it seamlessly switches to the secondary power source.

  • Highly Efficient for Multiple Devices
  • Local Amp Monitoring by Meter
  • Input Preference Switch

Intelligent (W) Monitored ATS  

InfraPower Intelligent ATS offers a simple but reliable solution for automatically sensing power loss and seamlessly switching to a secondary power source. The power source transfer time is seamless to the connected equipment, making sure that the switching occurs safely between the two input power sources.

  • Input switching either locally of over IP
  • Remote Monitoring for Amp, Voltage, Kwh
  • Input range from 10A to 32A
  • Outlet quantity from 1 to 24
  • Free GUI Management Software

Also available Dual Feed PDUs and In-line Meters.


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